With over 30 years of enthusiastic involvement in military vehicles, Bob Fleming is established as an acknowledged expert on military vehicles, especially AFV's and is a prolific contributor to the hobby. A regular world traveler, Bob has been responsible for some spectacular "coups" and has saved some very rare and otherwise unseen military vehicles from certain destruction.Bob has recovered Russian and US tanks from Egypt and Israel and bought Russian armour from Poland & Czechoslovakia.
Bob is a life member of the Friends of the Tank Museum and for 5 years was editor of "Track Link" magazine (The house magazine of the Friends of Bovington Tank Museum) and writes articles for all the specialist magazines.

We undertake restoration projects, especially AFV's , many of which come to us in very poor and incomplete condition. Our worldwide contacts mean that we are normally able to find all those missing parts. We pride ourselves on the high standards we achieve and will be pleased to provide customer testimonials and "before and after" pictures.
We work with the UK Ministry of Defence on a range of projects including refurbishment of Gate Guardians and restoration of vehicles for museum display.
In accordance with the current MOD policy, we frequently supply vehicles to the MOD for Army Open Days and recruiting drives, across the UK.
With a wide experience of advising on and providing the right vehicles for many media productions, we ensure that the vehicles are reliable, appropriately finished and are on location with skilled drivers, ready for when the director calls "Action!" .
We can arrange appraisals and valuations for individual vehicles, collections and museums. We often assist government departments worldwide appraise individual or batches of military vehicles prior to disposal.
We are happy to work on a consultancy or project management role. We can arrange UK export licences and can also advise on the current means of importing into the USA. We can arrange specialist hauliers on your behalf.
We have played a key role in setting up many of the world's largest collections and are currently involved in several major museum projects.
Ryton Publications

Rightly regarded by many as the finest books available on German armour and equipment, Robert Fleming Associates holds the former Panzer Prints stocks of many Ryton titles including:

Stürmgeschutz III £50.00

Panther in Detail £37.50

Militärfahrzeuge Vol 1 £45.00

Die Wehrmacht £37.50

Luftwaffe Diary Vol. 1 £37.50

Luftwaffe Diary Vol. 2 £37.50

Panzerspähwagen £37.50

Hummel £12.00

Due soon:

Militärfahrzeuge Vol 2 £POA

Plus three new titles