A selection of some of the many and varied vehicles we have handled for clients in recent months. Click on the images for the full picture!
German armour acquired for clients. YW 750 refurbished for a major UK client.
OT-810 newly arrived from the Czech Republic. We have done the impossible several times in the past but some miracles take just that bit longer!
From this... ...to this.
From Bosnia... . . . to Fort Indian Town Gap, PA
BMW R-75 motorcycle combination. Gun Motor Carriage M36, back in the USA at last.
100mm T-12 A/T Gun following refurbishment M2A2 155mm Howitzer, Bilea, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Did you see it at Beltring last year?
02 CC 39 after rebuild, complete with new gearbox. Ferret Scout 38 BA 69 after a ground-up rebuild.
StuG III Ausf. G on location. Ex-Bosnian Serb M36 Tank Destroyer in action at Duxford.
Leopard 1 on its arrival in the UK. Studebaker Weasel towing 57mm Ml AlT gun.
Typical Ferret Scout Car interior.
105mm Abbot SPG on its way to an Army recruiting event.
SSRTs/ZRK-SD 'Krug' (Long Track) radar vehicle. OT-64 APC on display at Duxford
M36 Gun Motor Carriage "Racoons" of the Bosnian Serb Army R-1 1 (SS-lb Scud A) based on the IS-2 chassis.
Scud on the road... Fully erect......