Undoubtedly, Robert Fleming Associates is THE major military vehicle broker service. We would be pleased to discuss any proposed purchase or disposal with you and our commercial terms, in strict confidence.
We welcome inquiries from collectors, museums, film companies and governments.

Bob Fleming is an acknowledged expert on military vehicles, especially AFV's and is a prolific contributor to the hobby, both as a participant and a regular author for the specialist press.

Over the last 20 years we have built up an enviable worldwide client list. These include the major US, UK and European collectors, museums and governments.Testimonials are available on request.  
Many of our clients that we sell vehicles on behalf of are busy, often very private people, who simply haven't the time to deal with, inevitably, the many time wasters who respond to adverts. We filter out the serious buyers and complete the whole deal on our client's behalf. On many occasions we approached by buyers and are able to place their vehicle quickly to prospective purchasers without the need to publicly advertise it..  
Are you looking for a specific vehicle?
With our worldwide contacts we can normally source even the rarest vehicles and handle the entire purchase through negotiations to final delivery. We have a proven track record of success and would modestly, but rightly claim, that many of the rarest military vehicle discoveries that now reside in museums and private collections are as a result of our professional involvement - without which the deals would in many cases have been impossible
Moving unusual and sometimes "sensitive" military vehicles across the world, particularly from Eastern Europe is not for the faint hearted. We have unparalleled experience of handling the often lengthy negotiations and completing all the necessary paperwork and licence requirements to ensure the vehicles arrive safely. On our clients behalf, we deal with the relevant government agencies, with many of whom we now enjoy a close working relationship.  
If you don't know the correct way to purchase and export military vehicles from many countries, you risk fines, endless stress and delays, ultimately this could possibly result the vehicle being confiscated and even more worry and trouble to recover it. All of this of course costs a lot of money.
Believe us, leave it to the experts.

We are pleased to assist government departments worldwide dispose of individual or batches of military vehicles. Our services range from identification, cataloguing and valuation through to vetting prospective purchasers.